Pink Ginger Lilies

Pink ginger lilies were the focal point of this grand flower display at a special event held at Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant in Boca Raton, FL.

Designed by Boca Raton Florist, Petals of Boca

Florist in Boca Raton, Petal's of Boca creates a grand display of Pink Ginger Lilies.

Florist in Boca Raton, Petal’s of Boca creates a grand display of Pink Ginger Lilies.


How to spot a good rose?

Roses – Are you buying a good quality rose?

One of the biggest misconceptions about the quality of fresh cut roses pertains to the size of the flower’s head.  Some may think that a rose that looks like a flower bud is a good quality rose because it’s young and will bloom over time.  This, however, may not necessarily be the case.  Some sellers of roses will remove the outer petals from a rose so it will look smaller, younger and more like a bud, but what you have is a very old rose that will not last long.  Another tactic used is tightly clustering roses with other flowers, which is sold as a flower bouquet in a plastic wrapper.  This is commonly done at supermarkets and many customers tend to view a squeezed rose as a young rose because it’s not fully opened.  Once the plastic wrapper is removed, only then is the age of the rose fully realized.

Tips on detecting a good rose:

1)    If you can touch the rose, gently squeeze the lower part of the rose. Be careful not to damage the rose when practicing this technique.   If it’s soft and somewhat hollow, then you have an old rose.  If it’s firm, then there are lots of petals that haven’t unfolded yet and you’re touching a good quality rose!

2)    If you can’t touch the rose, look at the center of the rose.  If it appears more compact, tight and dense in petals than the outer part of the rose, then you’re looking at a good quality rose.  If too much of the center is revealed or you can see the yellow area of pollen, then the rose is an old rose.

3)    Look for roses that are rigid and have a straight neck.  Sometimes a rose may lean in a particular direction, which makes the neck weak.  This indicates that it may have been exposed to light in that direction for too long of a time period, making it an old rose.  If the neck is somewhat weak or almost facing down, then the rose is either too old or have been deprived of nutrients or water.

Information contributed by Boca Raton Florist, Petals of Boca at 1101 S Rogers Cir #2, Boca Raton FL 33487

Florist in Boca Raton

Florist In Boca Raton

Purchasing roses can be very confusing to the average flower consumer. There are colors with varying tones, scent, stem length, petal count and vase life to consider. Below are a few tips to help better understand the art of selecting the perfect rose with the longest vase life.

Select only long stem roses. These will not only last longer than short stem roses, but they will have a larger rose head with more petals. A good guideline is to select 60-70 centimeter long roses.

Select roses that are not too scented. The more intense the fragrance of a rose, the shorter the vase life. Do not buy roses that are displayed next to fruits/produce. Fruits emit ethylene gas, which increases the aging process of flowers.

Select roses that are firm. Avoid those that are soft. Even though they may look like young buds, they can be very old roses where…

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Floral Trends for Fall 2011

Petals of Boca, Florist in Boca Raton, Florida 

This fall brings an Organic cast to Floral Designs.

As the vase of choice, the fresh pumpkin makes it to the top of the list.  The bolder designers are going beyond pumpkins and venturing into the world of unusual shaped gourds.

We see the emergence of vegetables such as artichokes, richly colored radishes and eggplants.  Incorporating these vegetables require a special art, but we find them best suited for short compact centerpieces, rather than taller, loose vase arrangements.

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